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Welcome to Nights in White Flannel

We make and sell sleepwear to fit EVERYONE in your family.  All of our products are 100% cut and sewn in Canada. Over the years we’ve broadened our line to include a range of flannels and other fabrics and have written about these in “Your Flannel Choices”. The buttons are real wood and the zippers are Canada's best, YKK. Whenever possible Canadian components are used. We sew everything with a good old-fashioned lock-stitch - not a factory chain stitch that can unravel.  Everything is made to be machine washed and dried and will keep you warm through many Canadian winters. Garments are either over-cut to allow for shrinkage or preshrunk.  We make our products to last, but if anything should go wrong, our toll-free number is sewn into every garment.

You can buy Nights in White Flannel products directly on this website, by phone at 1-800-548-7622 or come visit us at craft shows.

- Terry Webster, NWF Owner


Nights News:   January 30, 2014





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